How to lighten the skin in 12 days

A safe way to whiter skin - A revolution in skin care technology has now arrived! Learn how to get a lighter skin tone in only 12 days without using harmful chemicals.

Is it possible?

Yes. A Purastem Skin Method is a safe and effective way to lighten the skin and brighten your complexion whatever your skin. Designed for use on the facial skin and neck, the Flexi-White and Sensi-Light systems combine a cream and serum complex that are efficient at reducing melanin and hiding blemishes and uneven skin tone minus the harmful side effects that may be experienced from other skin lightening procedures.

How can it work?

Skin colour is relying on melanin, a pigment created by melanocyte cells which can be impacted by an enzyme called tyrosinase. The higher the secretion of tyrosinase, the larger the level of melanin which ends up in a darker complexion. Purastem products work using high potency, yet safe ingredients to gradually lighten skin by inhibiting the production of melanin and lowering the power of pigmentation within the skin, creating a lighter more even pores and skin.

Which system is best for my skin?

Make use of the Sensi-Light System if you have:

Hyperpigmentation Usually a consequence of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from your sun, a hormonal imbalance, inflammation or perhaps a skin injury that creates an excessive amount of melanin in the skin. Hyperpigmentation can appear as a suntan or as brown brown spots and is also more prevalent in people with darker kinds of skin.

Melasma An epidermis discolouration, Melasma is believed being due to a higher level of estrogen, progesterone along with a melanocyte stimulating hormone. Melanin usually takes variations depending on its location in the epidermis or even the dermis with the most commonly affected region is the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, and chin. Patches of discolouration may gradually develop over time. It doesn't cause any problems beyond what is a cosmetic discolouration.

Acne Another term for a blemish or even a pimple that develops within the skin. Usually more predominant in oily skin, in severe cases it may cause cysts and infected abscesses. Individuals experiencing acne that is severe should seek the help of a professional dermatologist.

Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin is normally dry, but tend to be oily, normal or combination also. It is prone to irritation from cosmetic ingredients, skincare products and environmental influences for instance a alternation in temperature. Individuals with sensitive skin need to avoid products with unnecessary fragrances or dyes, and customarily stay away from products that cause irritation.

Utilize the Flexi-White System for those who have:

Combination Skin Anyone who does not belong to just one type of skin category (oily, normal, sensitive, dry or sun-damaged) is classed as having combination skin. It is the most typical of kinds of skin and as the name suggests, it's a mixture of a couple of of the characteristics connected with single kinds of skin on different areas evidently.

Dry Skin Skin which contains little moisture. Individuals with dry skin are apt to have fine pores with skin that feels parched and tight, especially under certain environmental conditions. Usage of an excellent moisturiser can help protect skin and leave it smoother.

Oily Skin Usually caused by the production of sebum within the dermis, oily skin could possibly be the consequence of natural hormonal changes with oil on the surface on the skin causing dirt and dust that you follow it. Individuals with oily skin tend to be more vulnerable to breakouts, whiteheads, spot and pimples and should cleanse thoroughly every day and exfoliate occasionally. Want A lot of Skin Types? No Pills, No Injections, No Laser!

The Flexi-White and Sensi-Light Systems are designed to gradually as well as lighten skin tone and improve skin health. If any product that states lighten your skin excessively in a short time is likely to contain harmful chemicals that are not permitted for use on human skin. It is recommended that sunscreen be utilized when exposed to sunlight throughout the utilization of a method to avoid UV damage.

Want more assist to select the right product?

Ways to use the 12 DAY skin system:

The first step. Cleanse skin to remove all dirt, debris and make-up (Fig.1). This can be essential if you wish to maximise the results from the lightening system. A cleansed face allows the serum to penetrate deeper to the epidermis. Step two. Apply serum to manage and neck area using clean fingers (Fig.2). Spread evenly for any smooth and real looking finish. Step three. Gently massage the serum to the skin using a circular motion until all the cream continues to be fully absorbed (Fig.3). Allow for the serum to dry for up to 2 minutes. Step # 4. Apply daily cream by repeating Step two and 3. STEP 5. Repeat Morning and Night for 12 DAYS.

How Can Purastem Products Lighten My Skin? Purastem products work using high potency, yet safe ingredients to gradually lighten skin by inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the power of pigmentation inside the skin, developing a lighter more even skin tone.

How Long Does It Take To See Whitening Results?

Depending on the product, visible results are usually noticeable with 3-10 days. Most people are different and what this means is results may differ individually based on skin type and condition. Optimal results is possible when working with our products within a Purastem skin whitening system in a period of time.

Will My Pores and skin look Natural? Yes. Purastem products will subtly and gradually lighten your skin layer leaving it looking natural and vibrant having an even-toned complexion. Should you suffer from a serious condition of the skin please consult a dermatologist for advice.

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