Led grow lights - As light is a vital component for photosynthesis, all plants require adequate way to obtain light for their growth. Even without the day light as with case of indoor plants, artificial light is supplied for plant growth with the help of grow lights. Different plants at different stages of the growth require a different spectrum of life and therefore, a grow light provides either the lighting spectrum as per the plant’s need or efforts to mimic the natural spectrum from the sun. Amongst the various sources of artificial lights including LED grow lights, fluorescent lamps, HPS (High pressure sodium) bulbs or metal halide (MH) lights, LED is easily the most widely accepted as oahu is the smallest, lightest as well as the most power efficient of most grow lights.

Best LED grow lights

With an array of brands producing LED grow lights including Apollo Horticulture, Hydro grow, TaoTronics, G8LED etc., determing the best led grow light could be a mind-boggling task. Hence, we're offering you a summary of a number of the top selling LED grow lights for the reference.

• Tao Tronics TT-GL1480:To be the most energy-efficient, this light saves about 90% of one's in comparison with HPS or MH light systems and therefore, works well for saving a whole lot on your electricity bills. Supplying the full spectrum 6 bands ratio required for different stages of plant growth, it's proven to facilitate the yield with the plant from seeds to blooms to flowers to fruits in a very short time.The 3 built-in fans help to distribute heat made by the sunshine helpful in cooling the lighting along with maintaining the temperature of your indoor planting area at approximately 70 degrees which further, promotes the guarana plant growth.

• Apollo Horticulture GL60LED: Easier to install and emanating less heat, this light can be put quite close to your plants thus, occupying less space and ensuring better lighting conditions and bigger harvests. This full spectrum light sends across right wavelengths to aid the flower grow to the maximum. With due care, these lights may last approximately 50,000 hours which can be a lot longer than any traditional light. Though initial cost is high, its Two year warranty to pay for all its repairs or replacement as well as less energy use of no more than 180 watt will save you your money in the long run.

• G8LED All Red LED: Particularly suited to the flowering stage with the plants, this red spectrum light also, utilizes 90% less energy than other traditional lights. Consuming just 90 watts, this light is an ideal add-on for any existing growing system, especially during flowering. Being compact in proportions, it occupies less space and can be hanged or angled in a area. Along with 3 years warranty, the business is also, offering a 90-day money-back guarantee just in case it fails to satisfy your needs.

These were just a handful away from many more brands and specifications of LED grow lights available in stores. Choose wisely and find out your plants blooming happily in your indoor garden.

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